Conney Borda

Conney Borda

Eggcup Designs


What happens when someone with an artistic temperament, who loves to work with her hands, is faced with the onslaught of technology? While computers were gaining ground and making most people’s lives easier, graphic artist Constance “Conney” Borda realized that her creativity was no longer needed in the rapidly changing marketplace. Design became a computer-driven business, and Conney couldn’t see spending the rest of her life pointing and clicking to create art. 

It started with an idea.

Conney liked hats. She liked wearing them and so, she began experimenting and creating new designs from scratch. When friends began admiring her handiwork, they also began asking her to make hats for them. Conney suddenly had a moment of clarity – and a glimpse into her future. So she enrolled in millinery courses at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. And in 1996, Conney’s vision of owning and operating a small millinery studio became a reality. In addition to making hats Conney joined with other milliners and is a founding member of the Milliners Guild. Which was organized to address many of the issues that a small fashion studio faces. Eggcup Designs is a 2012 Hatty award winner.