Milliners' Guild Members receive recognition in international millinery competition

MG member Laura Del Villagio received second place in the recent HATalk Hat Making Competition 2019 with her feathered headpiece entitled Belinda, created for the contest theme of "Equilibrium." Congratulations, Laura! The judges comments on Laura's stunning vintage-inspired entry were: "Superb design and finish. Incredible feather mounting and detail work went into making this headpiece. It is beautifully made with difficult fabrics, including sparterie, and offers an interesting twist on a vintage style."

(left, Laura Del Villagio's "Belinda" headpiece; right, back detail of "Belinda")

Guild members Kimberly D'Auria, who received special recognition, and Judith Solodkin also entered the HATalk competition. Well done, all three of you! If you missed them, you can view the complete list of contest entries here.

New MG member, Katie Allen, also did well in a recent millinery competition. After winning Best Overall hat in the Millinery Meet-Up competition in September 2018, instructor Louise MacDonald encouraged Katie to enter the Melbourne International Millinery Competition (MIMC). For the MIMC, contestants were randomly assigned one of four Australian student designers' outfits for which to create a hat. Hats needed to both complement the assigned outfit and be at home on the catwalk as well.

About the experience, Katie said: "We were sent material swatches from our assigned outfits and given a few months to create our entry. I was assigned an outfit by the designer Vincci Chan. This was challenging for me as my aesthetic is very different from my assigned outfit, but it was an excellent way to challenge my creativity. I placed in the top 8 out of 77 entries and found the entire competition to be a friendly and welcoming experience for an international entrant." Well done, Katie!

(left, outfit from Australian student designer Vincci Chan; right, Katie Allen's complementary headpiece)