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Jacqueline Lamont

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Born in Manchester, England and raised as a teenager in New York, by Jamaican parents. Jacqueline credits her multi-cultural roots as the reason her hats are so appealing. Her hats reflect an old school aesthetic, combined with a new world modern design.

Jacqueline studied couture millinery at the Fashion Institute of Technology under French Milliner Janine Galimard, who made hats for Cristobel Balenciaga.

“I like using interesting combinations of design and fabric. I work a lot with an unstructured style, so as not to intimidate people who don’t usually wear hats everyday. My structured hats are also appealing as the designs are subtle, never overpowering the wearer. I design hats that are stylish and strikingly elegant however, appropriate for everyday wear. 

It’s about style not fashion.”

Speaking to her traditional sensibilities, Jacqueline always uses a “Lamont Tartan” in her collection of hats. The tartan is woven and produced in Scotland especially for her. 

Her hats are prized possessions of such trendsetters as Angela Bassett, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, Mary J.  Blige, Venus Williams and her favorite, ordinary everyday men and women whom have their own style!