Kimberly D'auria

Kimberly D'auria

D'auria Designs



Kimberly has studied extensively at “The Fashion Institute of Technology” in New York City. Her studies ranged from textile surface, handbag construction and received a certificate degree in millinery.

Kimberly’s goal in life is to educate the general public to appreciate millinery as an art form. 

When exhibiting her artwork, she is always enthusiastic to inform people about the old techniques that were taught to her by world-renowned milliner, Ann Albrizio. 

Kimberly’s unique style is reflected by her love for the old, incorporating the new inspired by the “city”. Her talent for painting and flair for design is her key to newness. Her sense of color and mixing and matching fabrication techniques adds a new twist to her art. 

Her passion is her love of millinery.