MG New Mentorship Program for Emerging Milliners

by Laura DelVillagio

  1. The 2019 mentorship program is open to Mentees (new Emerging Milliner members) and Mentors (full members).

  2. Participants are committing to this program for six months.

    Participants are committing to at least one meeting each month. This can be in person, over the phone, or online.

  3. All conversations between Mentee and Mentor will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed.

  4. The role of the Mentor is to assist the Emerging Milliner with integrating into the Milliners Guild and with finding the many resources that are available to US milliners wanting to improve their technical skills and build their businesses.

  5. The Mentor will not provide millinery skill instruction or teach millinery to the Mentee.
    The mentorship program is not an internship. Any such relationship is not considered or endorsed as part of this program.

  6. Mentees and Mentors will be asked to complete a post-program survey. These surveys will be used to improve the program next year.

  7. A program coordinator, Laura DelVillaggio, will be available to help coordinate or manage mentorships.