MG Newsletter: Submissions Deadline August 15!

Hello, guild members! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. The mid-August deadline for submitting content for the next MG newsletter is fast approaching and I want to encourage everyone to submit items for inclusion. This newsletter will be published in early September--think Fall!

I am looking for blurbs about millinery techniques or tricks you've come up with, your experience with a new (to you) material, an exhibit or a trip that has inspired your craft, something new going on in your personal millinery world, a hat- or fashion-related happening in your area, or anything else you think would be of interest to your fellow guild members. NYC and non-NYC events alike are very welcome. And don't be shy if you think you're not a writer. I enjoy editing and will make your prose sparkly. :)

Please submit photos and text files separately and don't worry about formatting. I'll look forward to seeing what you all send in!

Email me here :

Best, Kim Fraser