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I am a milliner with a nod to the traditional methods blended with modern techniques. After working in the public school system as a special education teacher, I sought a creative outlet, one that blended my love of sewing and genealogy. I began making a 1910 tea dress based upon a photograph of my grandmother. The hat she was wearing in the picture intrigued me. This led to a hat making class.

I specialize in all types of straw and furfelt. Each piece is a one of a kind design. I like to evolve with each hat I create. I started my formal training with a visiting milliner in 2003 at the local G-street fabric store. I continued my training with Jan Wutkowski in Wilmington N.C. I have also studied with Wayne Wichern from Seattle.  Since that time I’ve attended millinery courses in Tennessee. In Oct 2016 and Sept 2018 I attended the Millinery Meet-up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a 5-day conference for milliners.  World-class milliners came together for education, collaboration, and fun.  My current work involves exploring traditional millinery fabrics and trimming techniques.   I like to create chic high end event hats for horse races and weddings, and also I like to create funky, fun everyday hats for the beach, wine festivals, or dog walking.

I am inspired by the past and love to watch movies or television show with lots of hats, like “Downton Abbey” or Titanic . I love studying fashion history, and I frequent clothing exhibitions in nearby Washington DC.

My goals are to continue to learn new skills necessary to improve my designs and techniques. I love to travel and take classes from other milliners whose techniques inspire me to improve my own vision and designs.