Hattalk Newsletter January 2017

The Milliners Guild is featured in the St. Catherine's Day article of the January 2017 HatTalk Newsletter.

Mad Hatters - New York Hats and Hatmakers at City Lore Gallery

City Lore is pleased to announce its current exhibition, MAD HATTERS: NEW YORK HATS AND HATMAKERS at its East Village gallery and cultural center on First Street with an opening reception on May 19th from 7-9pm. 

In New York City, every hat has something to say. New Yorkers wear many hats – literally. Many of us get dressed from the hat down. Whether we are going to Baptist church to the mosque or the orthodox synagogue, to the rumble or the dance, to the Easter Parade or the West Indian Carnival; whether we’re wearing a Hijab or a yarmulke, a Fedora or a Hamburg, a pork pie or a Leopard skin pillbox hat; whether you’re running for president or going to a Mets game, hats matter – and tell the rest of us who we are. 

Mad Hatters showcases the identities that New Yorkers carve out for themselves by donning a simple piece of headware in a crowded city. With special attention to the City’s defining grassroots folk cultures, the exhibit pays tribute to NYC’s master milliners while also documenting and celebrating the men and women who proudly wear hats to express their cultural traditions or simply for the hell of it. The show features a series of special hats made for the show by the New York Milliners Guild, illustrating “New York hat-itude.” 

“Cock your hat, angles are attitude,” said Frank Sinatra, a New Yorker at heart. Hats were so important during his time, that Mr. Sinatra had his signature fedoras specially designed with shorter brims than the average ones in order to appear taller to the untrained eye. Sinatra never left his hat at home and neither did the rest of the city during his time. Hats were a necessity, not only for fashion, but for blocking the sun as well. In the 1950’s, however, the mass-production of sunglasses and the prevalence of automobiles, not to mention James Dean’s coveted quaff, ushered in a new era where the everyday hat was no longer needed. But New Yorkers have never left behind their love of hats. In a city of astonishing diversity and traditions, there are still a lot of mad hatters running around the streets of New York. 

Presented in association with the Westchester Arts Council which staged the show “Hattitude” in 2015 at their White Plains Gallery.

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Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

A hat exhibition by New York milliners in a jewel box of a town house on one of New York City's most iconic parks -- what's not to like?

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St. Catherine's Day Parade 2011 Coverage


Time Out New York

Fascinators, cloches and even a headband sprouting branches and twigs were worn with pride during the Milliners Guild's St. Catherine's Day march through Manhattan. The group of mostly women, and a few fedora-festooned men made its way from the Fashion District to Bryant Park and then the Bard Graduate Center, which is currently showing "Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones." Though some of these  toppers won't keep your noggin warm this winter, they're sure to turn heads.


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Easter Parade 2012 Coverage

Long Island Exchange: Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue

Not only is Easter Sunday the most holy day on the Christian Calendar it is also a time for tradition as Christians flock to St Patrick's Catherdal on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan wearing their elaborate Easter bonnets to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ…

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The Headwear Association Dinner in New York


Lots of new faces were in attendance – Young and Old – Young at heart and old timers with stories to tell.

It was also one of the largest crowds – 125 to be exact - with people coming from 10 different countries. The talented (and exuberant) hatters from the Milliners Guild in NYC came to the dinner as well. And, Mother Nature made sure that the weather was terrific (given the time of the year).

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